Travel Bucket List

The Bucket List

Everyone has a “bucket list”. A list of things they want to do, places they want to visit or sights they want to see. They may not specifically think of it in terms of things to do/see/visit before they die or “kick the bucket”, but just things they would love to be able to do.

Well here’s ours.  This will give you an insight into the sort of places we like, the activities we love doing and as we will keep it updated, you can follow along as we tick it off.

As you can see there’s a little bit of everything here; from seeing Machu Picchu in Peru, to scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.  Riding a camel like bedouin through the Sahara Desert, to seeing Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio, Brazil.

The Future

The more we travel, the higher the number of things on our bucket list seems to be. Experiencing new cultures, tasting new food and seeing some sights only previously viewed through our TV.  All of these fuel our wanderlust  and we can’t wait for future adventures and to tick off more of these.

bucket list

What do you think of our bucket list? Have you already done or seen any of these? How does it compare to yours?  Get in touch below or via any of our social media pages and let us know.