Pantanal Tour: 4 Days 3 Nights in the Brazilian Pantanal

Family, friends and regular readers will know that we began our round the world trip in South America. Among the large number of amazing things we got up to, one of our favourites was a Brazilian Pantanal tour. Until now we have only written one post about the Pantanal, being a #PhotoFriday post. We would love others to share the fantastic experience we had. The following two posts will therefore be a review of the tour followed by an overview of the activities together with some great photos.

the brazilian pantanal

Whilst planning our trip, we read various travel blogs and checked out backpacker tourist routes. We discovered an opportunity on our route through Brazil to Bolivia that we couldn’t pass up.

The Pantanal, from the Portuguese word “pãntano” meaning wetland, is a massive, (140,000-195,000 sq km) natural land area, encompassing the world’s largest wetlands.  It is a veritable cornucopia of wildlife just waiting to be discovered, whilst indulging in some fun activities!

Pantanal Tour - Map

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Restaurant Review | Terre A Terre | Brighton

I grew up in a “Meat and two veg” kind of family. When I chose to become a vegetarian as a teenager, dinner mainly consisted of the meat-free sausages of fifteen years ago that tasted vaguely of cardboard… and two veg. Somehow, this happened less than 30 miles away from the centre of Brighton – vegetarian Mecca. Back in the day there were two prominent vegetarian restaurants. One of which, Terre A Terre, it took fifteen years for me to get to try.

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Top 10 Free Things To Do in Brighton

Whilst travelling, we love discovering all the free things there are to do. Especially in places that can be expensive such as Brisbane or Las Vegas. However, whilst there are amazing places to see around the globe, the UK is home to some sweet spots too.  Brighton, or ‘London-by-the-sea’ as it’s known, is the most popular seaside location for overseas tourists in the UK. There is so much to see and tons to do; what’s even better is there are loads of free things to do in Brighton!

The only way to really appreciate just how many free things to do in Brighton there are, is to visit. But in the meantime here are our top 10:- Continue reading

Two Week Vietnam Itinerary

Two Week Vietnam iTINERARY

Vietnam is an amazing place to visit. Full of culture, history and beautiful landscapes, not to mention the delicious food! Even better, if you’re from the UK, then you get an automatic 15 day visa exemption. If you want to stay longer, you can apply for (and pay for) a three month visa. Being the budget travellers that we are, we decided that we would be fine trying to cram all Vietnam had to offer into two weeks. So here is our two week Vietnam itinerary. Continue reading

48 hours in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, or the City of Four Faces, is the capital of Cambodia. However, many travellers believe that the only sight worth seeing here is the infamous killing fields. As a result it gets missed off many itineraries which is such a shame. There is so much to do and see in and around this growing city that you should definitely consider including it on your Cambodian, or South East Asian trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed our few days here and you will too. Our luxury accommodation at the Frangipani Hotel totally helped (I mean who doesn’t love a roof top pool and buffet breakfasts?!). But the culture, the cuisine and the general atmosphere of this place will attest to it’s nickname, the Charming City. Continue reading

Least favourite things about travelling for 350 days

Our amazing adventure of traversing the globe for a whole year is almost at an end. As our previous post indicated we have been on the road for over 350 days. We’ve seen loads of different countries, witnessed awesome spectacles, eaten exotic food and met some brilliant people. But it hasn’t all been roses and kittens; On request from one our readers here are some of our least favourite things about travelling for 350 days.

least favourite things about travelling - sad C & D

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Travel experiences – our favourites after 350 days on the road

It’s almost over; our year long round the world trip is almost over *wipes tear from eye*. That means we’ve been on the road over 350 days, That’s 350 days of travel experiences. (Not all of them favourable, but our next post will talk about that).

We’re sad that it’s over, but happy to be going back to the UK and seeing friends and family. It means we can share our travel experiences with them in person over a beer. This will be our last ‘favourite things’ post for this trip and possibly ever. So make sure you check out the previous posts and see our favourite things from our whole year of travelling:-

300 Days | 150 Days | 100 Days | 50 Days

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7 Budget Friendly Things to do in the Cameron Highlands

In our recent blog update, we mentioned that we spent a few days up in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. With C’s mum in tow, we had a lovely time enjoying the cooler temperatures and the surrounding greenery.

I thought I would write a post summarizing what there is to do in the Cameron Highlands. This gives you an insight into what we got up to and offers a helpful guide to others when deciding whether to visit.  The best bit about some of these, is that they are absolutely free! Continue reading