Australia quirks

It’s time for another instalment of our ‘Quirks of…’ series. This time we’re looking at the weird and wonderful aspects of the land down under – Australia Quirks.

Australia was somewhere I had wanted to visit since I was little. It was a magical places, so far away filled with strange animals and places I’d heard about on travel programs. In actual fact it is a strange mix of England and America with a little something extra (I supposed you’d call it Australian) thrown in. Continue reading

Quirks of…Vietnam

It’s time for another “Quirks” post.  This time I’ll be highlighting some of the Vietnam quirks we spotted.  Unfortunately we had some camera issues whilst we were there; our memory card decided to corrupt resulting in most of our pictures looking like this:-

In spite of this…onward! Vietnam, the famous home of Ho Chi Minh; the location of the infamous Vietnam War (or American War, depending on whom you talk to) and now a bustling tourist destination.  We enjoyed our whistle-stop, two week trip down through Vietnam taking in six different locations and we spotted plenty of oddities. Continue reading

Quirks of…USA

It’s quirks time!!  We are talking about USA Quirks in this post.  We know, we know, this has been a long time coming.  The previous quirks post was about Thailand and before that was the Quirks of Bolivia. After Bolivia we visited Peru. However, with the exception of Llamas being everywhere, we came across pretty much the same things as Bolivia. This is not surprising because they used to be part of the same country – High Peru.

USA Quirks - Flags Continue reading

Quirks of…Thailand

It’s time for another post in the “Quirks” series. This time we are talking about Thailand Quirks. Here we identify and comment on some of the stranger differences between the country we’re visiting and our own, England.  Whilst we try to avoid the most obvious differences of language, currency etc. –  sometimes that’s all there is!

Thailand Quirks - Flag

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Bolivian Quirks – The Weird & Wonderful of Bolivia

We’ve now entered Peru, the land of the Incas. Bolivia has been left behind in the dust, literally! Boy did we come across some Bolivian quirks during our time there!  We thought now would be a good time to provide a list of those oddities experienced during our three weeks or so in Bolivia.  We’ve decided not to put it on this list but the very poor internet speeds in Bolivia have frustrated our blogging attempts. Brazil and even Peru are definitely ahead in the internet game.  Right onto the quirks:-

Bolivian Quirks
1. Prices of products

Bolivia seems to have an issue with putting prices on its products in shops.  Presumably this is to encourage communication and potentially negotiation but for the price savvy traveller looking for a bargain this is very unhelpful. In addition to no price we came across two alternative methods of pricing in supermarkets; unlike the UK in having the shelf labelled with a price Bolivia opted for either every single time individually priced or a sheet listing the product prices stuck up on a wall. Weird!

2. HIMYM car alarms

Now only a few people will understand this.  There is a particular episode of one of our favourite TV shows (S2 E15 of How I Met Your Mother) in which the characters are kept awake by a ridiculously annoying car alarm. We were astounded to discover that nearly every car in Bolivia has this alarm! We have added a clip below to show you.
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