Our Favourite Things – Day 100

How did we get to day 100 that quickly?!? The past 50 days have gone by in a complete blur of heat, friends and road trips.

Because some of our answers are the same (D still talks about Rio any chance he can get), we set the rule that our favorites here, are only the ones we’ve experienced in the last 50 days.

Learn about the favorites from the first 50 days here.

Favourite Country

D: I’m going to say the US. Despite being crazy expensive compared to South America, I’ve loved seeing things that are famous all over the world, and places that we’ve only ever known in our favourite TV shows and movies.

C: I absolutely adored Canada. Canadians are the friendliest people! All the places we went were so clean and there were some amazing things to do there. Continue reading

A Day at Machu Picchu

When traveling through South America, the majority of people will include Peru on their itinerary, and the biggest tourist attraction by far in Peru is Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu Passport Stamp.jpg

“It’s super-awesomely-amazing!”

D was in charge of planning this bit of our trip, and if there’s one thing D is bad at, it’s planning.  Ideally, you need to book the Inca trail at least six months in advance – if that is  your chosen route to Machu Picchu – but D didn’t know that. Luckily for us it turned out that almost all tour companies offer one day trips. So we booked ourselves a full day tour, and got ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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Visiting A&E Abroad: A Trip to Peruvian A&E

Whenever bad things happen I always remember the conversation we were having at the time. It’s never about world politics or feeding the hungry, it’s always some mundane thing that haunts me whenever I think about how stupid it was.

This is what I was thinking, while I sat in the wheelchair in the stark whiteness of an accident and emergency department in Lima, reflecting on the conversation I’d been having with D about the time I’d once had too many shots of rum on a night out.

visiting A&E abroad - metal protruding from ground

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Bus Stories – Weirdest Bus Journeys in South America

We over-landed most of South America, because the buses are so cheap and comfortable. That’s not to say they weren’t strange places to be at times. Locals seemed to find these stories not so out of place, but us gringos thought they were just a tad peculiar. Here’s a selection of our weirdest bus journeys in South America.

Potosi – Tupiza

The bus fills up in Potosi; all the seats are taken. It’s 10pm, so we try to settle down to sleep. When the bus stops, we’re confused, but think nothing of it. That is, until we wake up to find people sleeping in the aisles. One woman has her head on D’s armrest!

Pantanal – Corumba

Part of our Pantanal price included a transfer to Corumba, the border town with Bolivia; although we had heard vague rumors that this was not a transfer in the traditional Western sense. After a bumpy ride in a jeep from the lodge, we stopped at a small island of grass on a dual carriageway that stretched both ways as far as the eye could see. The majority of people disappeared into waiting cars or minibuses, and we waited in the shade of a tree to see what was in store for us.
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South America: An Overview

Two months is not long enough to ‘do’ South America. We took a route that is very common among travellers through Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. We met so many people following this route, that we ended up just bumping into a few of them again randomly. This takes in some great nature, wildlife, scenery and culture; but does not touch the tip of the iceberg of all there is to do.

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Our Favourite Things – Day 50

We have reached day 50 of our travels – it only seems like yesterday that we took our first nervous steps on to the plane! We have seen sun and snow, quatis and kingfishers, countrysides and cityscapes.

We often talk about our favourite things, and love seeing how they compare each time, so we’ll let you into a conversation we had a few days ago.

Favourite Country

D: Brazil. It was less stressful to be in. Bolivia felt like it was stuck in 1992! Brazil was more modern… Plus it was warmer there, we’ve been freezing most of the time we’ve been in Bolivia.

C: I don’t know. Bolivia has seemed much more relaxed to me. The people here are friendly, and more patient. We may have frozen, but it’s better to be freezing than constantly look like a tomato!

Favourite City

Rio!! It has everything you could ever want. City-ness, history, beaches, hikes, interesting sights, famous landmarks. Each neighbourhood had a life of it’s own – there was always something going on. Continue reading