Least favourite things about travelling for 350 days

Our amazing adventure of traversing the globe for a whole year is almost at an end. As our previous post indicated we have been on the road for over 350 days. We’ve seen loads of different countries, witnessed awesome spectacles, eaten exotic food and met some brilliant people. But it hasn’t all been roses and kittens; On request from one our readers here are some of our least favourite things about travelling for 350 days.

least favourite things about travelling - sad C & D

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Sunset over New York

Back in December 2015, we took a trip to New York to see the Big Apple at Christmas time. We came away with a completely different impression compared to the one we went with, which was based upon years and years of TV shows and films.

It was great to see such an iconic place, and one of the most breathtaking moments was watching sunset fall upon Central Park. Nearly a year later, I have finally gotten around to uploading the time lapse video, so if you don’t want to make the journey yourself this Christmas, just sit back, sip some eggnog and watch this video to capture the magic of New York yourself. Continue reading

Quirks of…USA

It’s quirks time!!  We are talking about USA Quirks in this post.  We know, we know, this has been a long time coming.  The previous quirks post was about Thailand and before that was the Quirks of Bolivia. After Bolivia we visited Peru. However, with the exception of Llamas being everywhere, we came across pretty much the same things as Bolivia. This is not surprising because they used to be part of the same country – High Peru.

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Photo Friday: Around The World

This week’s Photo Friday is going to be a little bit different from the norm.  You have probably already seen our favourite photos from Chiang Mai (if not, go have a look!) and we are still there, having been working hard – so no new photos!

Photo Friday RTW

So, rather than leave you all in the lurch and not write a post for this week, we thought we would get in contact with some of our blogging friends to bring you some awesome photos from every continent – hence the title “Around The World”.

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48 Hours in San Francisco

Forty-Eight hours in San Francisco is the first “48 Hours In” where we have genuinely experienced the rush of spending such a short time in one place.  We are usually there for around a week so that we can soak up the atmosphere and try a load of different places and find you, the reader, the best of the best.

48 Hrs in SF sq.jpg

Between leaving the farm, and catching our flight to Bangkok, we had 72 hours. In this time we needed to get to San Fran, experience all it had to offer us and have our bums in our seats on our trans-pacific flight.

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Our Favourite Things – Day 150

It may feel like the past 50 days have gone really quickly, but that’s mainly because we were super slow in uploading the Favourite Things – 100 days blog.

Day 100 saw us checking into the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas – that’s the super cool Egyptian themed pyramid. Since then, we have descended into the Grand Canyon, had a road trip across three states and suffered with food poisoning in Bangkok. Continue reading