Marathon Training – Fortnight 3

Yes, I’m still at it! I promise I’m more surprised than you are. This is weeks five and six of me training for a marathon. Which marathon? I’m not sure yet – I have no idea where we’ll be when I get to that stage. In the meantime, follow along and, if you haven’t seen them yet, check out the previous posts in this series below;

Intro // Weeks 1 & 2 // Weeks 3 & 4

PS. It’s really hard to find photos to fit with these blogs, as it’s clearly not a priority when I’m running, and stock photos are full of preppy, smily people who look perfect, and anyone who has ever run know it’s not like that. So, instead, I will balance out all that healthiness with some pictures of the food we eat (which is why I need to run in the first place!). Continue reading

Marathon Training – Fortnight 2

The last update about my Marathon Training was posted about two months ago. There was a huge gap in my running while we were in Vietnam and Malaysia. If you want to know more, then do read on – but be warned! There are a couple of photos that are not for squeamish people.

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Marathon Training – Fortnight 1

If you’ve only just joined me, go check out the Introduction to this series about me training to run a Marathon. I still haven’t figured out where we will be in 14 weeks time, so still don’t know where I’ll be running the real thing. However, I have been having a great time training on the streets of Chiang Mai. This fortnight has gone by in a blur of running and more running!

Week 1Weather for training for a marathon

Day 1 | 20 minutes
Day 2 | 20 minutes
Day 3 | Hiked up Doi Suthep
Day 4 | My birthday!
Day 5 | 30 minutes

This week is a short week. I was itching to get out and run again, even though there are supposed to be rest days between every running day. The first time I’d run in Thailand was on Day 1 and I was surprised how the humidity affected my ability to breathe. I have to run on pavements with huge kerbs, or on the side of the road; jumping over potholes. People stare at me a lot. I think it’s because it’s rare to see a woman out running – but it could also be that I’m puffy, sweaty and gloriously red!

 Week 2

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Training for a Marathon – An Introduction

People don’t often look at me and think “runner”.  I love myself some cake; and a day of Netflix, followed by an Indian takeaway is my idea of absolute heaven! But I have always wanted to be able to run a marathon.

It took me ages to start identifying as a runner because of that blurry bit in between not being able to do something and being able to do it.  It sometimes seems like you can’t really claim to be able to do something, if there is possibly someone in the room who might, potentially, be able to do it better than you – but maybe that’s just a British thing.


My incredibly dirty running shoes *Eugh!*

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