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We started this blog to share some inspiration with people like the C and D we were a year ago. Trawling through blogs and Pinterest, we looked at amazing photos of exotic locations while also bemoaning our life as couch potatoes. We hope to reach all the young couples out there who are Wanderlusters at heart but have careers, family and responsibilities to think about. We hope to help you make the most of the short time you have away from your ‘normal’ life. Join us to learn from our successes, failures and tips along the way.

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About CAbout C

Hi there! I’m Claire, the C in Love C and D. I spent 5 years in Thailand as a child and it still feels like home to me. I flirted with a few different careers when I left university and am now studying Bookkeeping as we travel! Along with my husband, D (see below) I want to travel across the globe and have stories we can tell people for years to come. When I feel homesick I go to the cinema and find some cats to play with.

My ideal trip would involve waking up to a beautiful view of the ocean and burying my toes in the sand at breakfast. I’d spend the day doing something adventurous – like rock climbing or abseiling before getting to know the locals in a bar as the sun sets.


About DAbout Dave

Hello I’m Dave, the D in Love C and D and I’m going to be 30 next year… aah! I spent over 7 years working in insolvency, a job I loved, but decided it was time for a change.  I’ve thought about travelling for long time, but had been too scared and too focused on my work to do it. Together with my beautiful wife C, I want to see the world, sample amazing cuisine and learn to Scuba Dive. 

My ideal trip would involve staying in a luxury resort with it’s own beach.  We’d spend our days doing watersports, going for hikes through jungle-esque landscape and spotting indigenous wildlife.  A delicious meal of the local speciality, a cold beer and watching the sunset would end the evening.

About C and D

About - PuzzleWe met, fell in love and were married on the South Coast of England, way back in 2012! For the next four years, we lived the life that was expected of us; buying a house, starting our careers and adopting a cat from a shelter (Puzzle’s over on the right). Then, in March 2016, we dropped everything, rented the house out and jumped on a plane bound for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We love food, sightseeing, movies, adventure and doing amazing things for free. Getting involved in local culture and having once in a lifetime experiences are the two things we love most about travelling. One day we’ll finish everything on our bucket lists, but at the moment they just keep getting longer!!  Our dream is to experience everything the world has to offer and to share it with our future children.

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