GoApe: The Lowdown on the High-Flying Activity

C and I both enjoy different things, which makes travelling together great. You do such a variety of activities and visit places you may not have chosen on your own. However, one thing that we both really enjoy, and have done lots of when we’re in the UK, is GoApe. It’s even on our bucket list to do every single one!

Between the exhilaration, the physical challenge and the beautiful forest scenery it’s the perfect activity. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, or in a group, GoApe would make a great day out. This isn’t a sponsored post, we just really love all the courses we’ve completed and all the staff we’ve met there.

What’s involved?

Go Ape - View of station

GoApe is a tree-top adventure activity involving rope ladders, bridges, tunnels and zip wires.

Sounds great right?

Once you’ve signed your life away, you will be kitted out with harnesses and given training from the instructor. They will teach you how to correctly use your equipment to make sure you stay safe. Believe me, you’ll get tired of hearing the phrase ‘always stay attached’. You will practice on ‘station 1’ which is only a couple of feet above the ground under the watchful eye of the instructor. Assuming you get it right (seriously, it’s easy so you shouldn’t have any issues) you are free to carry on unsupervised.

Each ‘station’ starts with a climb up a rope ladder. From there you will traverse bridges, crawl through tunnels and even launch yourself onto a cargo net via a belly-dropping tarzan swing. All of this whilst 20ft up in the trees. Each station ends with an exhilarating zip-wire ride down to the ground.

GoApe - C ZipliningWhere can i go to do it?

GoApe has 31 activity centres all over the UK. The full list of locations can be found at goape.co.uk however a summary is below:

Scotland – Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle (near Glasgow)
Wales – Margam Country Park near Swansea)
England – Sherwood Forest, Nottingham | Delamere Forest, Cheshire | Itchen Valley Country Park, Southampton | Alexandra Palace, London

Is there anything else to do on site?

Yes! In addition to the classic GoApe tree top adventure, there are other activities that you can do, subject to your location. If you love the rush of the Zip wire, but aren’t fussed about the climbing obstacles, then Zip Trekking Adventure is for you. A network of 7 zip wires will have you flying you through the trees. Or if you’d rather stay closer to terra firma, hop on a forest segway adventure for an hour long tour round the forest.

GoApe - Forest view

The GoApe activity centres are predominantly set in forests (including a man made one in Cumbria) or country parks. Therefore there is lots of other things you can do. Enjoy the beauty of the woodland canopy, have a picnic with the family or enjoy the other offerings which will vary with location.

Is it suitable for the whole family?

Absolutely! The classic GoApe tree top adventure is suitable for children over 10 and adults. However, there are many sites that also have a tree top junior adventure which is suitable for kids as young as 6! In addition you can walk alongside most of the routes and take pictures, so the elderly can join the fun too (even if they can’t make it up the trees!).

GoApe - view through a crawl tunnel

How much does goape cost?

The prices vary slightly according to location and exactly what activity you book, however the starting prices are as follows:-

Classic Tree Top Adventure – £33 for adults, £25 for children

Tree Top Junior – £18
Zip Trekking – £45 (only available at Grizedale Forest)
Forest Segway – £35

So if you’re in or travelling to the UK and looking for an awesome activity, you should definitely consider GoApe. Adults and kids alike will love it and you even get a certificate at the end!

Have you been to GoApe before? Which of the activities did you do? Which of the GoApe locations did you visit? Get in touch in the comments below.

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