TL;DR April 2017 – 2 Months Back in the UK

Two months have passed in the blink of an eye, since we returned from our round the world trip. April has been similar to March in many respects, just with better weather. So a few pyjama days, catching up with friends and families and also looking after a friends cats – cute!


We appreciate every single view, like, comment and share we get. Whether that’s on the blog or via any of our social media channels. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

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No surprise, still occupying the number one and two slots for most popular post of the month, are the superb 48 hour itinerary for Miami and the lowdown on some free activities in the otherwise exorbitantly expensive Las Vegas. There’s a new entry for third place this month. A very latecomer, Top 10 Free Things to do in Brighton makes an appearance. What a great day that was!. If you haven’t read any of these, click on the links above and have a gander!


We are still living it up in the South East of England where the weather has been remarkably good. Other than sorting through storage boxes and either selling or eBay’ing lots of stuff we no longer need, we have mostly been focusing on the blog and our new business – Complete The Puzzle. The most note-worthy things we’ve got up to this month are a 28 mile bike ride along the Cuckoo Trail (from Eastbourne to Heathfield) and a great day out in Brighton. #LoveLocal


On the 10th of this month we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Aargh we’ve been married for five whole years, that’s crazy. We celebrated with a trip to Brighton that we mentioned above, particularly with a meal at the vegetarian restaurant Terre-a-Terre. It was delicious. We did loads of fun things, most of which were free and returned home to lots of cards and some flowers! In addition, D was celebrating the success of his home football team, Portsmouth FC, who were promoted to the dizzy heights of League 1.

  • Celebrating 5 years married to each other with a great day out in London.
  • A weekend visit from D’s brother, sister-in-law and niece.
  • Celebrating Portsmouth Football Club’s promotion to League 1.
  • A nice 28 mile bike ride down the cuckoo trail, in the sun.

Still not really having a clue what the plan is going forward. There are so many decisions to make about what to do and where to go that we are experiencing a little bit of choice overload. Plus we both hate flat-hunting!


We don’t have any plans to travel in May (doh!) although hopefully we will be meeting up with a friend in London. C is on jury duty so we won’t have a lot of time to do much. We are hoping to get a flat sorted this month so we’re on the road to re-establishing ourselves back in the UK.

What have you been up to this  April? Let us know in the comments below!

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