TL;DR March

Can’t believe we have been back home for over a month now!! We have done a lot of lazing around in our pyjamas. We’ve also been catching up with friends and families, and spending a lot of time dodging the rain.


Top Posts For March

We appreciate every single view, like and comment we get whether that’s on the blog, or on any of the social medias. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

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Still occupying the number one and number two slots for most popular post of the month are the superb itinerary of spending the weekend in Miami and the lowdown on some free activities in the otherwise exorbitantly expensive Las Vegas. Sneaking into 3rd place is a new post about the great things we got up to in the Malaysian Cameron Highlands that won’t break the bank.

Where We’ve Been

We have been living it up in the South East of England where it has either been raining or cold, but not generally both on the same day. The most note-worthy thing we’ve got up to this month is walking the South Downs Way, which is a hundred mile track running through the South Downs National Park showcasing the most beautiful scenery in the area plus lots of sheep.


This month weve been celebrating the anniversaries of all of the small moments at the start of our round the world trip that seemed like such huge things at the time. It’s been a whole year since we arrived in Brazil, climbed to Christ the Redeemer and explored waterfalls on Ilha Grande.

Best Bits
  • Walking the length of a half marathon through the English countryside.
  • Spending an amazing evening in a proper British pub with both our families.
Worst Bit

Not having any clue what the plan is going forward. There are so many decisions to make about what to do and where to go that we are experiencing a little bit of choice overload.

Top Instagram Picture

As the weather gets better, we’ll be exploring a little around the South of the UK. We’ll be covering as many miles of the South Downs as we can, (re)visiting the amazing city of Brighton and trying not to get lost in the crowd at the London Marathon.

What have you been up to in March? Let us know in the comments below!

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