TL;DR February

As we mark the end of another month (February), we sadly have to wave a fond farewell to being full time travellers. The pull of the English way of life, storms and logical traffic laws were just too much to ignore!

Don’t worry, we’ll still be writing about our travel adventures on here, both some from last year you haven’t heard about yet, and some more that we’ll have across the UK and Europe.

February - TLDR

Top Posts For February

We appreciate every single view, like and comment we get whether that’s on the blog, or on any of the social medias. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

February -Miami pin  February - least fave pin  February - Vegas top 10 pin  

This month our top post is still about the amazing time we had in Miami. The next on the list is all about free things to do in Las Vegas, and in number 3 is all about the things that didn’t go quite so great during this last year.

Where We’ve Been

We started the month out in Airlie Beach, the launching point for the Whitsunday Islands. We drove on all the way up to Cairns and then back down to Sydney before flying home to the UK.


We celebrated our last night in Australia (and our last night as full-time globetrotters) with our traditional end-of-country pizza.

Best Bits
  • Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sailing the Whitsnday Islands on a Catamaran.
  • Paddleboarding in Hervey Bay.
Worst Bit

Spending 40 hours in transit between Sydney and England.

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Money Roundup

This will be the last money roundup, because the main aim was to show how much we spent while travelling the world. It would be a little weird to just tell the whole world how much we spend on a regular basis – sorry!

We split our spending into 5 categories; Accommodation, Food and groceries, Activities, Travel and Miscellaneous.

We spent a lot of February sleeping in our car, saving us a ton on accommodation. There were a couple of times that we wanted to stay in a hostel, and then we splurged on spending our final two nights in a hotel (although not too much, as we used our free nights). In total, we spent £447 ($548).

Food is definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures for us. Therefore we’re happy to splurge on a great dinner. However, given the price of everything in Australia, and with us spending a bit more time in hostels with kitchens, we did a lot more grocery shopping than eating out this month, leaving us with a food bill of £344 ($422).

Last month I predicted that this month we would spend a lot of money on activities, which seems to have been an understatement. Between sailing the Whitsundays on a catamaran and diving from a live-aboard on the Great Barrier Reef, we managed to spend £554 ($679)

This month we drove from Brisbane to Cairns and then all the way back to Sydney. A mere 4,000 km journey; Our travel related costs this month came to £172 ($211).

Quite what we spent £25 ($31) on in our miscellaneous category, I’m not really sure. We did buy some souvenirs and washed all of our clothes one final time.

In total, in February we spent £1,542 ($1,891). This is probably a little more than we would normally spend in a month in the UK. It seems like the purse strings got a little loose the closer we came to finishing our trip.

Where Next?

We’re spending March catching up with friends and family in the UK. We’ll have a couple of adventures, but most of all spending time figuring out what the plan is for this year and beyond!

What have you been up to in February? Let us know in the comments below!

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