Least favourite things about travelling for 350 days

Our amazing adventure of traversing the globe for a whole year is almost at an end. As our previous post indicated we have been on the road for over 350 days. We’ve seen loads of different countries, witnessed awesome spectacles, eaten exotic food and met some brilliant people. But it hasn’t all been roses and kittens; On request from one our readers here are some of our least favourite things about travelling for 350 days.

least favourite things about travelling - sad C & D

least favourite country

C: Am I allowed to say Vietnam? I know you liked it but I wasn’t over awed. It was a bit like Thailand, but not enough to make it feel like home. I wouldn’t necessarily say anything specifically was wrong or bad, but overall the least best.

D: I’m gutted to have to say Australia. I think I had painted a magical picture about this uber faraway country full of exotic animals and famous sights. In reality it’s been a bit like a mix of England and America that’s too expensive.

least favourite cityleast favourite things about travelling - potosi

D: Straight away I’m going to say Potosi in Bolivia. One of the main reasons to go is to do the mine tour, which we didn’t do. Other than that it was all uphill, run down and slightly depressing. The accommodation we had there was pretty ropey too.

C: Yeah Potosi wasn’t great was it? I think Canberra would probably be up there for me. It was like a weird, sci-fi, futuristic city. There seemed to be no-one there, most things were closed and despite being the capital of Australia it was under-whelming.

least favourite accommodation

D: We’ve stayed in all manner of dodgy places this year haven’t we?

C: Remember that pension we stayed in in Santa Cruz? It looked like some sort of colonnial/war time hospital, complete with truckle beds! But for £7 per night for a private room you can’t complain.

D: Yeah and the last night in Cambodia was pretty awful too, but again, for $3 a night you get what you pay for. Hands down my least favourite was our second hostel in Rio. It had great reviews but we found it to be a dump, with crappy WiFi, dirty eating area and no gas to cook in the kitchen! On top of that someone dropped bleach on one of my t-shirts.

C: I think my least favourite was that house/hostel we stayed at in Washington. The property was beautiful, but the management was terrible. We were lucky to get in; reviews on the website mentioned people waiting for hours stuck on the doorstep and it being full despite having booked.

least favourite day

D: My worst day I think was our arrival in Bangkok. One of my least favourite things about travelling generally is jet lag and luckily, we’ve mostly avoided it. But having arrived from San Francisco, we had issues getting money to pay for the train, then had an hour long walk to the hostel. The hostel was pretty horrible and we were sharing a room with a young Asian boy whose feet were seemingly made of lead. We were both tired and you were really ill.

C: Yeah that was not a great day, but nothing compared to our last day in Lima, Peru. Me with a broken toe; our frightful taxi ride with the driver who didn’t understand our Spanish and wouldn’t accept $1 notes. He then screwed us over by over-charging and dropping us a walk away from the terminal. That followed up with an argument with the airline about needing to provide documentary evidence of our ESTA for the US and onward travel plans. One hell of a day!

Least favourite oddity

C: Generally the lack of personal space, mostly in Asia. Specifically those street sellers with massage devices who just start rubbing you as you walk past…get off!

least favourite things about travelling - toilet sign

D: I didn’t like that in Malaysia, even in the modern fancy shopping malls they still had drop toilets with no toilet paper!

Least favourite activityleast favourite things about travelling - D hikes on IG

C: It’s hard to think because we’ve done so much. I guess my least favourite one I can think of right now was the night dive. I hated it. It was cold, it was dark (well obviously) but we didn’t see anything either. I felt very uncomfortable the whole time and couldn’t wait to get on the boat.

D: For me it was the hike on Ilha Grande. We hiked cross-island to find the waterfall and the beach, wearing flip flops. I felt so ill and nearly passed out. We only ended up spending about 45 minutes on the beach before getting a boat taxi back!

least favourite thing you packed

D: My walking shoes. They’ve been essential for some things (like the Salt Flats tour in Bolivia) but they’ve mostly just taken up space and weight in my bag,

C: My BB cream (face cream). I’ve only used once or twice so it has been a waste of space. And as it’s liquid it’s a pain on flights.

least favourite thing you bought

travlling - silver toyota camryD: Having to buy a plug adaptor in Malaysia was very frustrating. Unlike the rest of Asia they use the UK 3-pronged plug. I obviously didn’t bring our 3-prong fitting so had to buy an adaptor – very frustrating.

C: I think the car. It caused us so much trouble and worry that it ruined quite a few of our days in Australia. Not being able to sell it other than the guaranteed buy-back meant it cost way more than we hoped too.

least favourite restaurant

D: It has to be the Potosi pizza place. From being served by a pre-teen girl doing her homework, to waiting ages despite being one of only two customers. When the food did arrive the pizza was dry and tasteless and the garlic bread was basically a dry English toasted muffin that may have seen some garlic once.

C: Oh yeah that was terrible. For me it was the Loving Hut in Ho Chi Minh City; we’ve eaten at the Loving Hut before and it’s been awesome but this was horrible. The restaurant was tiny, a bit culty-ish in its decoration and rolling TV channel and the Pho tasted of soap.

least favourite food
least favourite things about travelling - bad food

D thinking “this food sucks”

C: Worst food would probably be from that food court in Central shopping centre in Phuket. It was a veggie food stand but it all just tasted of chilli! Both our mouths were on fire and I don’t think we even finished.

D: Yeah that was bad. I hated the veggie food court food in that Bangkok mall. It was cold tasteless and basically ruined my day. Bad food = grumpy D.

least favourite things about travelling (general)

least favourite things about travellingD: There are a lot things which I would say I would rather have avoided, but the worst I think has been loneliness. When we’ve stayed in hostels and made friends it has been great; but there have been long periods of time where we have only seen or spoken to each other. Being on the other side of the world from friends, with dodgy time differences can be quite lonely I’ve found.

C: For me it has been the time differences generally. Not knowing what time it is (crossing the NSW/QLD border = weird). Not knowing when to be hungry or when to sleep when you arrive in a new country. I didn’t like when calling home became difficult because of awkward time differences. The worst was crossing the date line from USA to Thailand – i.e. your worst day.

Have you had any less than favourable travel experiences? Where’s the least favourite place  that you’ve travelled to? Get in touch in the comments below.

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