Travel experiences – our favourites after 350 days on the road

It’s almost over; our year long round the world trip is almost over *wipes tear from eye*. That means we’ve been on the road over 350 days, That’s 350 days of travel experiences. (Not all of them favourable, but our next post will talk about that).

We’re sad that it’s over, but happy to be going back to the UK and seeing friends and family. It means we can share our travel experiences with them in person over a beer. This will be our last ‘favourite things’ post for this trip and possibly ever. So make sure you check out the previous posts and see our favourite things from our whole year of travelling:-

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favourite country

C: Well, in the past 50 days we’ve been exclusively in Australia so we don’t really have a choice but to say Australia. Next category please!

favourite city

C: I really liked Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. We only visited briefly the first time round on the way up to Cairns, but having spent nearly a week there the second time I really liked it. It’s easily walkable, has everything you want, it’s only a couple of hours outside Sydney and has a hippy-ish vibe.

travel experiences - katoomba

D: I loved Byron Bay for similar reasons. It was really small and had an awesomely chilled out vibe. It helped being near the sea and the beach (I’m a water baby) and the drummers  who gathered around sunset and played by the beach were cool too!

favourite accommodation

C: travelling - sydney houseWe’ve pretty much covered all bases during this last 50 days haven’t we?

D: Yeah, house, hostel, hotel, motel, car, tent and even the floor of a serviced apartment (Thanks Sacha and Jody!).

C: My fave was definitely our house-sit in Sydney. It was nice to have our own space, not have to worry about anyone else and be able to do what we wanted.

D: Yeah the house was awesome, but a bit too big. We didn’t go in all the rooms! I loved the Mad Monkey hostel in Cairns. We got “upgraded” to a private room even though we booked a 12-bed dorm. There was a free BBQ the night we checked in, amazing free breakfast and the best Wi-Fi in Australia!

travelling scuba gearfavourite day

C: I think my favourite day was our day-tour on the boat in the Whitsundays. Beach, sailing, awesome BBQ lunch and great weather. Made me feel rich too, sipping on wine whilst sun-bathing on the trampoline netting of the purple catamaran!

D: Yeah we won a little furry turtle and a stubby too didn’t we? Hands down it has to be the first day of our scuba diving live-aboard on the Great Barrier Reef. Little bit of snorkelling, four awesome scuba dives, including seeing a turtle for the first time, and a night dive! Great food and some chilled out guitar based karaoke in the evening.

favourite oddity

C: Has to be seeing kangaroos and watching them bounce around right?

D: Totally! Kangaroos are so cool but so weird.

favourite activity

travelling - D paddleboardingD: I’ve already said Scuba was my favourite day so I’ll go for something else this time. Stand-Up Paddle-boarding in Hervey Bay. Despite the ensuing sunburn, I had a great time paddle boarding for the first time. I was quite good too.

C: Although you were the first to fall off I recall. My favourite was the winery tour and wine tasting at Tyrell’s in the Hunter Valley. It was really interesting to learn how things are made and hear about the history of the place. The wine was delicious too!

favourite thing you packed

D: We’ve probably said this before but our towels. Whilst we’ve been road-tripping and sleeping in the car they’ve come into their own again. Quick drying which is handy but they also make great curtains!

C: This gets harder each time. I’m going to say my bag, it’s just the right size to get everything in it but it’s also small enough to be a day bag.

favourite thing you bought

D: Even though we have had a fair few issues with it and it’s caused us some grief, it has to be the car. Bruce. He’s got us around Sydney, down to Melbourne and back to Sydney via Canberra. Through the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley and all the way up the east coast to Cairns…and back again!

travlling - silver toyota camry

C: Right now I’m saying my ‘Bazinga’ t-shirt. A bargain from the Salvos (Salvation Army) charity shop, I love it!

travel experiences - main street burgerfavourite restaurant

We haven’t actually eaten out too much have we, everything’s so expensive. I would say Main Street Burger in Byron Bay. Awesome food and drinks, nice relaxed atmosphere and really friendly staff.

C: I’m saying Domino’s. It might not strictly be a restaurant, but it’s given us great pizzas and super cheap prices. $5 a pizza if you order online and pick-up in store. Once we didn’t even have to pay.

favourite food

C: Sticking to being classy – Maccas pancakes for breakfast.

D: Okay. I’m going in the other direction. That thing we ate at the slightly pretentious cafe in Oatley, the suburb of Sydney. Smashed avocado on sourdough toast, with poached eggs rolled in chia seeds, raw beetroot and a green leaf salad. Amazeballs!

favourite travel tip to ensure good travel experiences

D: I would say my favourite travel tip is: If you’re planning on road-tripping the east coast of Australia, make the most of the free camp sites. We’ve saved so much money with these and some of them have been beautiful. A lot are just bush-camps with little or no facilities, but some have had flushing toilets, showers, drinking water, the works! Why pay for what you can get for free?travelling - camp cooking

C: My favourite travel tip of the last 50 days hmmm. The best way to have awesome travel experiences, particularly in Australia is, cheapest isn’t always better. There are some things you just don’t want to cut costs on.

What have been your favourite travel experiences? Do you have a favourite country, city or restaurant? Get in touch and let us know!

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