TL;DR January

Welcome to 2017!! We have had an amazing month after seeing in the new year watching the fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Top Posts For January

We appreciate every single view, like and comment we get whether that’s on the blog, or on any of the social medias. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

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This month our top post is still about the amazing time we had in Miami. In fact, it accounts for over half of the views we’ve received this month. The next on the list is all about free things to do in Las Vegas, and in number 3 is all about the award we were nominated for!

Where We’ve Been

We started the month out in Sydney, watching those fireworks over the Bridge. Since then, we travelled down to Melbourne and then back up through Sydney along the East Coast. We’re currently hanging out about halfway between Brisbane and Cairns.


New Year is a brilliant celebration that can just about get away with being in two months. You can read more about the time we had celebrating the New Year in a coming blog post (so keep your eyes peeled).

About four years ago we were the only people in attendance at our friends’ wedding. This month we had the privilege of picking them up at Sydney airport to move them from Bristol to their new life on the NSW-Victoria border. We also discovered they don’t read our blog, so I did debate whether or not to mention them.

Australia Day is a bit contentious, celebrating the day that the English arrived to establish the penal colony. These days it’s mostly just a good excuse to have a day off and get out in the sun with the family. We had a brilliant time in Brisbane, and nearly won a $100 bar tab playing beer pong.

Best Bits

  • Having a surf lesson near Byron Bay (because the waves at Byron were tiny!)
  • Camping in the Blue Mountains.
  • Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley.
  • Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Worst Bit

Driving in the dark trying to find campsites that don’t exist, and also nearly running out of petrol.

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Money Roundup

We split our spending into 5 categories; Accommodation, Food and groceries, Activities, Travel and Miscellaneous.

In January, we spent £158 ($199) on four nights in hostels and one night at a campsite. The rest of the time we have been staying at free campsites, housesitting or being put up by very kind friends.

This month we spent nearly as much money on alcohol as we did on groceries (oops!). Food and groceries was definitely was highest expense this month, reaching £447 ($563).

We have been doing some pretty cool things this month, but we do love a freebie. Our activities total only came to £96 ($120), but I have a feeling it will skyrocket next month.

The biggest expense in our travel category this month is undoubtedly petrol. But we have driven 3,500 miles so I’m not terribly surprised. It’s usually one of our lowest categories, but this month we have spent £295 ($371). We did also buy our flights home earlier this month, but we don’t count that in our monthly totals.

Finally, our miscellaneous category total came to £49 ($62). This include a couple of camping things, and two lots of washing.

In total, in January we spent £1045 ($1315), which is probably a little less than we would normally spend in a month in the UK. Having such a low accommodation cost has meant that we can be a little freer in some of the other categories than maybe we would normally be.


Our flight to the UK is booked on the 26th February, so January really was our last full month of travelling (although I’m sure we won’t be fully recovered until March). We are finishing our time in Australia off with a bang, finishing our East Coast road trip by sailing the Whitsundays and diving the Great Barrier Reef.

What have you been up to in January? Let us know in the comments below!

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