TL;DR December

This month has been a fun-packed, family-filled and festive month! As we watch 2017 roll in, marked by the fireworks above Sydney Harbour Bridge, we will be thinking back over all the amazing places we’ve been and people we’ve met as 2016 comes to an end. 


Top Posts for December

We appreciate every single view, like and comment we get whether that’s on the blog, or on any of the social medias. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

1.) 48 Hours in Miami – First stop in the US – here’s a low down of our favourite activities.
2.) Top 10 Free Things to do in George Town, Penang  – A beautiful UNESCO site.
3.) Open Water Diver Course – The Lowdown – What happened when we dove in Phuket.

Where we’ve been this month

This month we have spent time in three countries on two continents. After a whistle-stop tour of Cambodia, we spent an excruciating 11 hours in Kuala Lumpur Airport before catching a red-eye to Sydney, Australia. 


So many celebrations this month!

First up, we celebrated D’s mum’s birthday when they visited us in Cambodia at the start of December. We had an amazing day visiting several temples in the Angkor Complex.

This week we reached 300 days on the road! You can read about some of the favourite things we’ve experienced here.

Obviously, the biggest celebrations of the year are this week. We spent Christmas Day on the beach, got a tad sunburnt, baked lots of sweet treats and ate leftovers for three days straight. We plan on spending New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Genuinely surprising each other with gifts we both loved on Christmas.
  • Seeing D’s parents in Cambodia.
  • Glimpsing the iconic Sydney landmarks for the first time.
  • Visiting the stunning Angkor Wat.
  • Seeing at least 100 monkeys in the wild.
  • The horrid 24 hours of travelling between Phnom Penh and Sydney.
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Money Roundup

Our spending is split into 5 Categories;  Accommodation, Food, Activities, Transport and Other.

This month we spent £54 ($67) on accommodation. We were very generously treated to some gorgeous hotels in Cambodia by D’s parents. Here in Sydney, we are housesitting, so paying nothing for our accommodation! 

This month we have really enjoyed having an oven again. We have baked cookies, bread and made a roast dinner for Christmas Day. In total in December, we have spent £334 ($412)  on dining out, groceries and drinking, including an insane amount of cheese.

This month we have visited Angkor Wat and seen the iconic sights of Sydney. Mainly, we have been enjoying having our own space, and cooking a butt load of food. Some of the best things we’ve done involve driving to beaches and having picnics, so in total this month we’ve only spent £66 ($81). 

Most of the £2384 ($2942) we spent on transport is attributed to the fact that we bought a car! Although Sydney has great transport links, having a car will mean we can go anywhere at any time. It’s also big enough for us to sleep in, so hopefully we’ll save on accomodation costs.

This month we have spent  £110 ($136) from our other category, including Christmas gifts we bought for each other and visas to get into Cambodia.

In total this month we have spent £2894 ($3570). This is obviously mostly the car, which we are hoping to sell at nearly the cost we bought it for.

Where next?

We’ll be headed of on a road trip up the East Coast of Australia once we leave Sydney. January may be our last full month of travelling before we head back to the UK, so we have some pretty epic plans! Stay tuned to see what we get up to.

What have you been up to in December? Let us know in the comments below!

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