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When we decided to leave everything behind and travel the world, we were absolutely petrified! We had no idea what to do, and had never met anyone who had tried to do what we were planning. All the blogs we read were by established travellers. They didn’t think anyone needed to be helped when it came to preparing to go travelling.

So we were delighted when Charlie and Kristina of MapTrotting.com told us about their plans to write a book that covered all of the basics when you start to think about going travelling. And, at only $10, it’s great value. It could save you much, much more in added fees, time and savings.

Charlie and Kristina met while working in a Tourist Information Centre in London. They both already had a passion for travelling. This grew even more after getting married in Hawaii (I am totally jealous). Eventually, while sitting on a beach in Cuba, they decided that life was too short to spend more of it working than travelling.  Eight months later they were on the road.

The book they’ve written covers all of the things they did to prepare in those eight months. Things like how to save up a few extra (thousand) pennies, what to pack and the universally dreaded vaccinations.

Travel Planning

We, like them, never realised how much planning and preparation went into travelling. This often turns into stressful and costly mistakes. They aim to show you how to avoid those painful mistakes and instead successfully save, plan and book your ultimate hassle free trip.

One of my favourite things about this book is that each chapter has a list of takeaways at the end. These are the practical steps to take when your end goal is going on the trip of your dreams. It really appeals to the list maker in me, and I find that crossing off tasks as I go along makes me feel like I’m really getting closer to my goal.

One of the hardest things when planning a trip is knowing where the money will be coming from. This book lays out some incredibly simple saving strategies that will mean your piggy bank (or gravy tub) will be overflowing in no time.

Travel Planning

There are practical steps to help you choose your first destination. Plus a step-by-step guide to get you there as soon as possible. A whole chapter is dedicated to the best places to find affordable flights, including airline hacks to save you money for cocktails on the beach.

There is a fantastic section on managing your money on the road, including apps, credit cards, loyalty schemes and the old cash vs credit card debate. They talk about the ways to make sure that you keep everything safe while on the road.

Possibly the most useful part of the book are the two chapters on choosing a backpack and packing. Choosing a backpack is almost as important decision as choosing who to spend the rest of your life with! There are some great pointers as to what to look for, some of which you’ve probably never even thought of before. The packing list is incredibly extensive and will mean you absolutely leave nothing of importance behind.

Travel Planning

The best thing is, this is an e-book! That means that it is available as an instant download. You can start reading and planning your trip the second you hit the button. You can read it on your computer, phone or tablet and it’s compatible with the Kindle app.

This post contains affiliate links, we receive a small commission from each purchase made, at no extra cost to you. However, we think Charlie and Kristina’s book is a fantastic starting point for anyone planning a trip of a lifetime. We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t.

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