Going to the cinema in Thailand

Travelling is full of adventure. One minute you’ll be trekking through a jungle and the next you’ll be relaxing on a beach somewhere. Sometimes though, it’s raining, you feel homesick or you just need a bit of downtime.

Going to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do, even when we’re on the move. We’ve visited movie theatres across the globe – and there’s always something to watch.

While we were in Chiang Mai, we went to the cinema every week. On Wednesdays, every seat was 100 Baht – about £2.20 ($2.90). The seats were super comfy and the popcorn was delicious!

Anyway, here’s a brief lowdown of going to the cinema in Thailand;

The Cinema

Cinemas are really easy to find, especially in the main cities in Cinema - MayaThailand. They are often in big, modern shopping centres and the most common chain is SFX.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Chiang Mai. What do we
want to do today? Hey, lets go sit inside a small dark air-conditioned room and watch movie. Great idea!

So we head inside and have a look at the board to see what’s on. We can tell what is in English (E), what is in Thai (T) and what is in Thai, but has English subtitles (T/E sub).

The lovely servers at the ticket desk help us choose our seats. They tell us where the screen is and which seats cost more. After that, we head on over to the concession stand and pick up some of the tastiest popcorn I’ve ever had. (This popcorn features a lot in this post).

Cinema - PricesThe Prices

Cinemas will have different prices depending on a variety of factors. The day, time, the seats you decide to sit in, whether the film is 3D and whether you’re a student or a senior. The prices in the cinema we visited ranged from 80 – 200 for the basic seats and up to 600 Baht if you wanted the VIP seats at the weekend.

The food is reasonably priced, but not super cheap. We got a huge coke and a huge box of the super tasty popcorn and that set us back 210 Baht – £4.50 ($6). You’re not technically allowed to take in your own food and drink, but they never asked or searched us.

The Film

Just like back home, the advertised film time is Cinemawhen the adverts start. A lot of them are in Thai with no subtitles. They’ll definitely be at least one where you wonder what on earth is going on.

At some point during the adverts, there will be a notice to stand for The National Anthem. It’s just like any other National Anthem – stand with respect while you watch the film that plays along with it. Some Thais may sing along, but you’re not expected to. Just sit down at the end.

Hopefully, everything will go well and you’ll end up watching a fantastic film in your chosen language.

Top Tips

  • Cinemas are often overly air-conditioned in Thailand. Make sure to bring a jumper if you get cold easily.
  • Don’t forget to stand for the national anthem. There is a message in English reminding you just before.
  • Food and Drinks are overpriced, but cheaper than at the cinemas back home.
  • Make sure you know what language your film will be shown in.

Have you been to the cinema in a foreign country? What did you see? Did anything unusual happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cinema in Thailand

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