Marathon Training – Fortnight 2

The last update about my Marathon Training was posted about two months ago. There was a huge gap in my running while we were in Vietnam and Malaysia. If you want to know more, then do read on – but be warned! There are a couple of photos that are not for squeamish people.

If you had no idea I was training for a marathon, then follow the links below to get caught up. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Intro // Weeks 1 & 2

Week 3

Day 1 | Rest
Day 2 | 30 minutes
Day 3 | 25 minutes
Day 4 | Rest
Day 5 | 30 minutes
Day 6 | Rest
Day 7 | 50 minutes

This week is a great lesson in why I should run in the morning. On Day 2 I was “Totally Going to Run” all day. Then, suddenly, it was 8 o’clock and I couldn’t go because it was dark. Running in the dark is not something I enjoy doing in the UK and it’s even worse here with the crazy traffic and relaxed road laws.

On Day 3, I felt completely out of my groove, but managed to just about get out there after a lot of persuasion from D. I had a crappy run, but a crappy run is better than no run.

The run on Day 5 started great, I was running along Marathon Trainingin the sunshine and singing to the tunes coming out of my phone. Then, suddenly, my foot got caught and I ended up sprawled on the pavement as cars whizzed passed me.         I dusted myself off and reassured a couple of concerned passersby that really, I was fine.         I started to limp-jog again, holding back tears – more of shock and humiliation than hurt. It wasn’t until I stopped to cross traffic that I realised that blood was trickling from my knee and my elbow. I got home and cleaned up, but felt very sore and wasn’t sure how I’d feel for the next run.

After all the excitement of the week, the run on Day 7 was disappointingly easy. I paid 60 baht for my one day pass in a gym and hopped on the treadmill for 50 minutes. It was fine – almost easy really. It was anticlimactic, but successful!

Week 4

Day 1 | Rest
Day 2 | 40 minutes
Day 3 | Rest – 50 minutes | Cross Training
Day 4 | 30 minutes
Day 5 | 50 minutes | Cross Training
Day 6 | Rest
Day 7 | 60 minutes

A few days after my fall I realised quite how much I hurt. My right shoulder, elbow, wrist and two fingers ached and I couldn’t put any weight on them. One knee was scratched up and the other was developing an awesome bruise. Walking straight felt fine, but changing direction hurt a lot!

So, I went to a different gym for Day 2’s run. Which turned into a terrible mistake. There was no air conditioning and only a small window for ventilation. I started to feel awful – hot and breathless. I managed to make it to the end and getting outside again felt like bliss with the breeze and cool air.

As my cross training on Day 3, I went to a yoga class which was supposed to be gentle and restorative. My arm still hurt and I didn’t want to put a lot of weight on it or my knees. Although I didn’t put a lot of weight on them, it was not gentle or restorative and I felt a bit battered afterwards.

Day 4 was my last run in Chiang Mai. It was slow and steady, but I enjoyed exploring the streets north of our apartment.

Becoming too intimate with the streets of thailand

Day 7 was supposed to happen in Pattaya, running through the streets. Between avoiding traffic, dodging food trucks and trying to remember where I was going, I missed a grate on the floor.

Marathon Training

My childhood hospital in Pattaya

Time stopped for a moment and I knew it would hurt a lot. It did. I fell and skidded on the grit laden road, rolling out of the path of the traffic. I limped home clutching my arm and cried while D gently showered the gravel and sand out of my wounds. I contemplated getting my elbow x-rayed, revisiting the hospital I had vaccinations in as a child, but couldn’t face it. I was in so much pain, I didn’t even take photos.

Since then, road running has scared the heeby-jeebies out of me and I had nightmares of falling and breaking something miles from home. Now we have settled in Phuket, I have a nice gym that I can use whenever I want – and I usually have it all to myself. I just about made it through an hour of running, panting and swearing, at a pace that felt slow two months ago. But I’m back on the horse, and things can only get better (and other completely nonsense motivational phrases).

 Next Fortnight

Next fornight it starts going a bit crazy. I have interval, cross training and tempo sessions which I’ll explain more about in the next update. But my longest run is 80 minutes long which I’m already starting to panic about

Stats // Time Run: 3h 55m // Distance Run: 31 km
// Total Time Run: 6h 50m // Total Distance Run: 57 km
Highlight // Running for a whole hour again.
Lowlight // Falling over on the pavement and actually drawing blood… twice.

  • Run 10k
  • Run 20k
  • Run 21k – a half marathon
  • Run 30k
  • Run 40k
  • Run 42k – a full marathon!

I’d love to hear any advice or tips you have for me, just leave it in the comments below!

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