A Romantic Day in Sucre

Sucre is one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia. There is no better place to use as your base for a romantic stay in the country. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just to spend some extra special time together, Sucre is the place to do it.

Today is the one day you don’t want to get up early. There are loads of really amazing apartments to choose from on AirBnB in Sucre. We stayed in a beautifully modern apartment a short walk from the city centre. Alternatively, check into a gorgeous hotel – there are plenty to choose from. This morning, have a lie-in and drink your coffee slowly while looking out over the beautiful White City.

Once you’ve eased yourself into the day, head down to Cafe Condor. This cafe is a not-for-profit vegetarian place that runs lots of community projects from it’s sister company – Condor Trekkers. They also do the most amazing food in Sucre, including local Bolivian fare.

Next, hop on a number 4 bus heading south and ride all the way to the end of the line. You’ll happen to find yourself inside a military training academy, but what you are really after is La Glorieta Castle. This castle has a great story behind it – but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Romantic Day in Sucre

It has a fantastical design, by an Italian and a British architect, with elements from all over the world. The interior has seen better days, but they are slowly renovating it and restoring it to its former glory. It’s a beautiful sight, but be aware of the photography permit price on top of the entry cost.

Once you get back to the city, scout out Para Ti – the Romantic Day in Sucrechocolatiers. There are two locations in Sucre, but only one does their signature hot chocolate – which is fantastic! After your drink, choose some chocolates to take home for later. Don’t be scared of the Quinoa Dinosaur – it tastes awesome. Like those rice-krispie cakes you made when you were five.

Across the other side of the city, there is a park named after Simon Bolivar. Bolivar fought for the independence of South America from Spain, and so they named Bolivia after him. This is a beautiful, peaceful park and you will often find couples strolling around it with linked arms.

Make sure you find the children’s play area – which is dinosaur themed (obviously). Let out your inner child on the swings and slides. Head up to the Rose Garden to see the fantastic blooms and watch the fountain. On your final stop before leaving, visit Sucre’s own Eiffel Tower – designed by Gustav Eiffel himself. You can climb to the top for amazing views, but the stairs are a bit rusty.Romantic Day in Sucre

Depending on how you feel, walk or take a taxi up the hill that leads to Cafe Mirador. Mirador is the spanish word for viewpoint and you won’t be disappointed with this one. Have a cocktail and watch the sun set.

Romantic Day in Sucre

For dinner, go to Cosmo Cafe which is on the corner of the main plaza. They have great food, great wine and a cozy, romantic feel going on. You can also watch the activity going on in the main square if you get a table by the window.

If you still have room after dinner, head just down the street to Heladeria. The Ice Cream here is delicious and eating it while sitting in the square in the starlight is the perfect way to end a romantic day in Sucre.

Where is your favourite romantic spot in the world? What did you love about Sucre? Let us know in the comments below!

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Romantic Day in Sucre  Romantic Day in Sucre


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