Photo Friday: Koh Samet

Welcome to another, slightly late, Photo Friday! We have spent the last week staying on Koh Samet (or Koh Samed) off the South Eastern coast of Thailand.  The island which lies in the Gulf of Thailand is just under 7km in length from North to South.

Koh Samet - PF

We stayed in the island’s only hostel, Olly’s Bar and Hostel and will be doing a review post on that soon, so watch this space.  We spent a week relaxing on the beaches, exploring the roads on our first ever hired scooter (it was terrifying) and soaking up the few days of sun.

Koh Samet - Boat

Koh Samet is an island and therefore the only way to reach it is by boat.  We caught the boat from the Municipality Pier in Ban Phe and enjoyed a leisurely 40 minute cruise on one of these wooden bad boys.

Koh Samet - Scooter

While on Koh Samet we decided to hire a scooter for the first time ever!  The roads were fairly quiet (although not as quiet as we expected) and we were able to explore pretty much the entire island.  C wasn’t a fan of being on the back though.

Koh Samet - Sand

We’re not exactly the ‘spend all day sunbathing on the beach’ kind of people.  So naturally, when we found ourselves on the beach we got down to business and constructed this awesome sandcastle!  Despite a couple of days of rain storms it was mostly still there, four days later.

Koh Samet - Tree

At the far south of Koh Samet are some stunning views from the rocky shoreline.  C spent some time chilling on this cliff top swing, gazing out over the nearby island of Koh Chan.

Koh Samet - Mermaid

 “‘True Love’ – the statue represents the unconditional love between the mermaid and her child…Not only does it embody a mother’s love, but it also symbolises the beginning of a new life, similarly to how Samet signifies the splendour and beauty as the pearl of the Gulf”

Koh Samet - WW Koh Samet - FAF

We have connected with Kana from LifeInWanderlust and Chloe from TimeTravelBlonde for  the #FlyAwayFriday link up.  We are also in the WeekendWanderlust facebook group for the Travel Blog Party.  Click on one of the images above to join in!

Have you ever been to Koh Samet?  Where did you stay and what did you get up to? We would love to hear from you so get in touch below.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Koh Samet

  1. ttbchloe says:

    Oh man you guys are brave for driving a scooters around the islands!! We were on Koh Samui for a few days and it was too busy to even attempt (we were there over New Years!) Love the pics and thank you for sharing on #FlyAwayFriday!

    • C of Love C and D says:

      Hi Chloe,
      Koh Samet is so tiny and unknown, there really weren’t that many people around on scooters. It was still absolutely terrifying!!

  2. Kana says:

    I’ve never been to Koh Samet but I would LIKE TO now!! Haha 🙂 Love the photos, absolutely gorgeous, especially that cliff top swing! Thanks for sharing and joining #FlyAwayFriday!

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