Top 10 Free things to do in Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas, the city of sin, can be very expensive.  From the hotel room costs to the meals out and bar bills. Not to mention the amount you lose gambling!

But what if you’re not “rolling in it” and can’t put it on the business expense account? Well then you’re in luck; there are tons of free things to do in Vegas. Here are our top 10:-

1. Walk ‘The Strip’

Vegas - Excalibur

All of the big hotels and casinos are located along one long road, known as The Strip, but actually called Las Vegas Boulevard.  Take a morning to walk from one end of The Strip – starting at Mandalay Bay, to the other end – as far as Stratosphere. Enjoy looking at and photographing all of the amazing looking hotels, like Excalibur, and pick your favourite.

2. Check out the Bellagio Fountains

Vegas - Bellagio

Outside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino are the famous fountains which are free to watch. During the day the show is every half hour. From 8pm until midnight they perform every 15 minutes. Best enjoyed after the sun’s gone down, this spectacular aquatic performance is set to music (it was Michael Jackson for us) and is not to be missed. However, it gets busy at night time, so get there early to get a prime spot.

3. Take a Craps Lesson

Any idea how the game Craps works? Vegas - CrapsWe didn’t, but were desperate to know.  This is the table game you see in the movies, with dice flying across an oval, high sided table; surrounded by crowds of people celebrating or commiserating together. Pretty much all of the casinos offer free “lessons” in how the table games (and slots) work and how the betting works. The croupiers running the sessions are funny and throw in some anecdotes too.  So now you can stride up to a table knowing exactly what to do, start playing and act all “Vegas”.

4. See the Las Vegas SignVegas - Sign

So you have to walk a little further down the strip (past Mandalay Bay) for this one.  The famed sign that welcomes visitors to “Fabulous Las Vegas” is a must see, although if you walk to it, make sure you take some water – the heat here is crazy.  You will normally find a crowd of people on the island in the middle of the two-way highway, queuing up to take their pictures in front of it. Crowds normally bring out a busker or too as well; so enjoy the scene, grab a photo and read the plaque detailing its history.

5. The Skyfall Lounge at Delano

Vegas - Skyline

When in Vegas, you cannot miss out on seeing the city lights from on high.  What better place than a skybar that is free to enter and there’s no obligation to purchase a drink! The Delano Hotel, which is part of the Mandalay Bay complex has a bar with an outside balcony on its 64th floor, offering 180 degree views over the Las Vegas skyline.  What’s better is the lift up to the 64th floor is glass, so you get to look out over the side of the city you can’t see from the balcony! Note there is a dress code of smart casual – no flip flops!

6. Get Yourself Tickets to a Show

Vegas - TicketsAs well as the casinos, Vegas is well known for its plethora of live shows, from magic acts and comedians, to full on theatre productions and naughty dance shows. You will find people everywhere trying to sell you tickets and offering you massive discounts on the full ticket price.  All you have to do is agree to attend a time-share style presentation at one of their newest hotels.  They put on the ‘hard-sell’ but there is no obligation to commit to buy anything, you get a free tour round a resort complex and they will probably throw in a free snack too.  For the sake of a couple of hours out of your day, its well worth it to get some free tickets. This will depend on the show, more popular shows you may have to pay a small amount for – we paid $20 for Cirque do Soleil’s Ka.

7. Explore the Hotels & CasinosVegas - Inside hotels

All of the hotels and casinos on (and off) the strip are free to enter. So go and explore! There are miles upon air conditioned miles in each casino. See the insides of the hotels you’ve only seen in movies, stroll through the casinos watching other people throw their money away, and window shop in all the malls that are also part of each complex. There are also thousands of photo opportunities and you can even fool your friends into thinking you’ve travelled across the world!

8. Watch the ‘mini’ shows at the hotels

A lot of the hotels and casinos have free mini shows that occur throughout the day for people to enjoy.  From circus performers at Circus Circus (our favourite!) to an animatronic/pyrotechnic show called ‘The Fall of Atlantis’ in Caesars Palace. From an erupting volcano at Mirage to a Pirate Ship at Treasure Island. D was even gutted to miss the medieval themed performers at Excalibur!  Each show is only around 10 minutes long, but they are great fun to track down and watch.

Vegas - Atlantis

9. Ride the Trains

Not to be confused with the monorail (which you have to pay for), there are free trains that run between the different groups of hotels. So jump on to save yourself a walk to the next hotel or just enjoy the ride!

10. Fremont Street

Head on down to Fremont Street in the area known as ‘Downtown Las Vegas’.  This is where it all began and where some of the old classic casinos are located – like the Golden Nugget.  As well as exploring these casinos you can enjoy some live music across three stages, all for free.

Finally, there are plenty of other things to do for free in Vegas and this is just our Top 10.  It means you can save the pennies to put towards a nice hotel room, a nice meal out or you can place the odd bet or two!

Weekend Wanderlust

Have you been to Vegas? What was your favourite hotel/casino? Did you do any of the above or something else free? Comment below and let us know. 

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Free things to do in Las Vegas

  1. Elizabeth says:

    When we lived in California we used to find ourselves in Las Vegas quite frequently for all sorts of events even though we didn’t like gambling. I loved just checking out the different casinos and events. My absolute favorite though was Parasol Down at the Wynn. I loved sitting out back and feeling like I was a million miles away sipping on a cold drink. #WeekendWanderlust

  2. C of Love C and D says:

    It’s so surreal isn’t it? I just couldn’t imagine a time when I’d sit at home and worry about putting a load of washing on!

  3. Oto says:

    This is quite helpful. I haven’t been to Vegas but do plan to visit in November. I hope it’s warm all year in Vegas. Will make sure i explore everything on your list (saving it now) and do a ‘follow up’ post on it. Thanks for sharing.

    • C of Love C and D says:

      Thanks Oto,
      We were surprised by just how hot it was when we were there in June. When we go again, I’d definitely chose a cooler time of year.

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