Photo Friday: Sun, Sea and Sand

It’s the weekend! Or at least it’s almost the weekend depending on which timezone you’re in. As you know the start of the weekend means PhotoFriday. This week’s post focuses on three things that we love:- Sun, Sea and Sand.

Sun, Sea and Sand - PF

Sun, sea and sand

Up until now we haven’t actually spent that much time on the beach. That’s not to say we haven’t come across our fair share of Sand. We had quite a long section back in March-April of not seeing any Sea, but gladly its our neighbour again and of course, we have enjoyed plenty of Sun (as planned!).


Sun, Sea and Sand - Titicaca

Sunsets are easier to photograph than just…the Sun.  So this first shot is taken from the shore of Lake Titicaca, in Copacabana, Bolivia.  As the sun went down the swan shaped boats had been pulled onto the shore.  Meanwhile the moored boats bobbed on the rippling water.

Sun, Sea and Sand - Saltflat

This is from our 4 day tour which took place in the Bolivian Salt Flats.  On the final morning, we got up super early to catch the sunrise across the vast white expanse.  Unfortunately the clouds had other ideas, but the sky still turned a myriad of pretty colours.

Sun, Sea and Sand - Pantanal

Our final Sun picture comes courtesy of our time spent in the Pantanal in Brazil.  Whilst out on the boat for a night safari, we turned the engine off and just sat and watched the sunset.  It was beautiful and this brings back some great memories of that part of our trip.

If you’re still looking for more sun, have a look at Kim and Rob’s latest post on Simply Travelled, it’s full of amazing “Sun” pictures.


Sun, Sea and Sand - Majorca

This cheeky shot of the Balearic Sea was taken during a family holiday to Majorca.  In fact it was during this holiday that we decided to drop everything and travel the world!  As well as being the first family holiday with the ‘C’ side, it was the starting block for Love C and D…so very memorable!

Sun, Sea and Sand

We absolutely love the colour of the Sea in this one.  When we say “Sea”, we actually mean the Mediterranean Ocean but that’s close enough. This was taken whilst on the island of Comino in between Malta and Gozo.

Sun, Sea and Sand -IG

And finally, this blue-green Sea is the South Atlantic Ocean.  The land mass in the background is Ilha Grande which is just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  We took this from the boat as we were leaving – what a great backdrop.


Sun, Sea and Sand - vb

This beautifully peaceful picture was, believe or not, taken on the famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles.  It wasn’t a particularly sunny day so there was no one in the water.

Sun, Sea and Sand - LJ

The great thing about this Sand in La Jolla Shores, California is that its covered in Seals.  We were able to take so many pictures of them all just basking on the Sand, in the Sun being splashed by the Sea – the whole trio!

Sun, Sea and Sand - lb

This is a shot taken while strolling along Alamitos and Junipero Beaches in  Long Beach, California.

Sun, Sea and Sand - Cb

To sign off, a quick logo photo opportunity on Coronado Beach, San Diego.


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Thanks for joining us for another PhotoFriday.  Have you been to any of the places in the photos?  What is more important in a holiday/when travelling – Sun, Sea or Sand? Get in touch below, we love hearing from you.

15 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Sun, Sea and Sand

  1. Peter Gwynne says:

    Great pictures Claire and Dave. But tell me where’s the Medditerraen Ocean? Is it anywhere near that Sea thing that’s just south of Europe and just north of Africa?

    • D of Love C and D says:

      Whoops! Think the old spellchecker has been playing up again. You are right, it is an ‘O’ so we will amend that shortly. You should definitely get out to Malta, its a lovely place.

  2. Elaine J Masters says:

    Fun post. I live just south of the seal covered beach in La Jolla and spent several years rollerblading in Long Beach along the great boardwalk while living there. Have to catch up with some of the others!

  3. Lara Dunning says:

    It’s a dreary day in the Pacific Northwest so its nice to see sunny and sandy pictures. You’ve been to lots of beautiful places. I particularly like the one in Long Beach with the black mixed into the sand.

  4. ttbchloe says:

    Oh my goodness the pictures of Majorca and the Iberian Sea look absolutely incredible!! I would to be there right now for a last minute summer vacay! Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to see your next #FlyAwayFriday post!

  5. Kana says:

    Gorgeous photos as always, guys! Majorca is on the top of my list, so beautiful! Thanks for joining #FlyAwayFriday – hope to see you again tomorrow! xo

    • C of Love C and D says:

      Thanks Kana. We loved Majorca and we’re sure you would too! Yes – we will be joining #FlyAwayFriday again, can’t wait to see what everyone shares this week.

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