Tl;dr August

How is this year going so quickly? We’ve come to the end of another month! August has been a big month for us. We have some awesome news this month – that you might already know. Check down in the celebrations section to see if you guessed right!

TLDR August

Top Posts for August

This month, we’ve had our best viewing figures since we started! Thank you all so much for your support, comments and caring what we write about. Our top three posts this month based on viewing figures are (drum roll please);

1.) Photo Friday: Bangkok – A sneak peek into what we got up to in Bangkok.
2.) The Truth About Hostels – D debunks some myths about hostelling.
3.) Our Week in Bangkok – A more detailed look at our time in Bangkok

Where we’ve been this month

This month we have exclusively been staying in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have been working diligently to put the new website up, making lots of plans for the future and exploring the city like a local.


Firstly, and most importantly, it was my birthday! We spent the day eating and playing with cats which are my two favourite things to do in the world. We also went to the cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland. Great film!

Secondly, we took the plunge and finally got a real domain name (with all the technological difficulties and other gumpf that comes with it). We have ended up needing to google how to do just about everything, but it gives us a lot more control over what we want to do. Anyway, you can now head straight instead of needing to add that bit about wordpress in it. We are very very excited, but keep running into things that may not have moved so well. If you see anything that doesn’t look right – just let us know!

We've Moved August TLDR


There were so many highlights this month that it was hard to choose just a few;

  • We started a Youtube Channel – There’s still only one video on it, but go watch, comment and subscribe!
  • Learnt to cook Thai Food – At Morning Glory, they teach you how to make all the Thai classics vegetarian.
  • Eating Northern Thailand’s speciality dish – Khao Soi.
  • Riding in a Song Thaew – Know as Baht Buses by my family when we used to live here – it’s been great fun travelling round the city in them.
  • I started running again – It’s been too long and I do love it!

The only real lowlight was going to get our visas extended. We spent an incredibly hot morning travelling to the local immigration centre to get our visa extended by 30 days. Four hours and £80 later, at least we weren’t going to be forcibly removed from the country before our apartment lease was up.

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Money Roundup

Our spending is split into 5 Categories;  Accommodation, Food, Activities, Transport and Other

This month we spent £493 ($648) on accommodation. This includes rental of the apartment, the deposit on the apartment and all utilities. We’ll get the deposit returned when we leave.

Food surprisingly came in 2nd this month, despite all the beer we’ve been drinking, and the fact that we’ve eaten out at least once every day we’ve been here. Food is just so cheap (and tasty) in Chiang Mai. In total, we spent £288 ($378) on dining out, groceries and drinking. 

This month has not been our busiest month ever, but we have got out and about a bit. We’ve taken a cooking class, hiked up a mountain and celebrated C’s birthday in style! This all amounts to £148 ($194).

About half of the £69 ($70) we spent on transport this month was to buy our overnight train tickets back to Bangkok. The rest was spent on local transportation around Chiang Mai – Tuk Tuks and Rot Daangs.

Usually our “other” category is pretty empty, but this month it is a whopping £109 ($142) which includes all the costs of getting our visa exemption extended, plus the few times we’ve paid to get fast internet in a coworking space.

In total this month we have spent £1107 ($1432). We could easily have spent less, especially in terms of accommodation. But there are so many things to do and see in Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas that we could have spent much, much more.

Where next?

Next month we will be spending two weeks further south in Thailand. We’ll be visiting all the places C can remember from her childhood in Pattaya and also spend some time on the beach with our toes in the sand.

After that, we are flying over to Vietnam to spend two weeks exploring Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hoi An.

What have you been up to in August? Let us know in the comments below!

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