Photos of Los Angeles- Photo Friday: The City of Angels

It’s #PhotoFriday time again! (*crowd roars*) This time we’re hanging out in the City of Angels. Yes, we’re bringing you our favourite photos of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a ginormous place! Although there is loads to see and do, it takes hours to travel from one end to the other. There are some incredibly famous places, and we tried our best to visit them all.

Photo Friday - LA

By the end of the week, our feet were aching and our noses were sunburnt. But we’d ticked a lot off our bucket lists. We had seen some great things and taken loads of photos of Los Angeles that we just had to share.

Grand Park

photos of Los Angeles - Grand Park

In the centre of Downtown LA, Grand Park stands as a peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chinese Theatre

photos of Los Angeles - Chinese Theatre entrance

In Hollywood, the Chinese Theatre is where all the premiers take place. On the floor in front is the concrete hand and footprints.

Walk of Fame

photos of Los Angeles

There are hundreds of stars on the Walk of Fame, and you can look up whoever you want to visit. We had fun walking along the length of it and shouting out the names of our favorites like giddy teenagers.

photos of Los Angeles - Venice

Venice is not named after the famous city in Italy for nothing. These networks of canals are lined with beautiful houses, and give the area a peaceful and serene feel. It’s easy to while away some time just strolling around. Even better, is the water eventually leads out into the sea!


photos of Los Angeles - Hollywood Sign
Last, but certainly not least, the Hollywood sign. Erected initially to advertise the new housing development ‘Hollywoodland’, the last four letters fell away in a landslide. Trails run all over Griffith Park, so that you’re able to see the sign from all angles. We chose one that got us up quite close behind the sign!

Have you ever been to LA? What did you think? Which of the above photos of Los Angeles is your favourite? Get in touch in the comments below.

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