Photo Friday: Photos of Miami – Celebrating the Magic City

It’s that time of the week again, the weekend is upon is. So we would be amiss if we didn’t celebrate with anther #PhotoFriday. This time round we bring you our favourite photos of Miami!

Photo Friday Miami

Welcome to the US of A! It took a few days to adjust to hot showers and menus we could read, but Miami was a brilliant place to start our tour of the US!

South Beach

Photos of Miami - Beach hut

Miami Beach is the island that sits off the coast of Miami, separated by Biscayne Bay. It’s a city in it’s own right, and has a completely different feel. South Beach – the southern part of the island is awash with people, cars, shops and – you guessed it – beautiful white sandy beaches that look out onto the turquoise Atlantic Ocean.


Photos of Miami - Yoda Street Art

Miami has gorgeous graffiti all over, but one of the more famous districts is Wynwood – now becoming a hipster neighbourhood. Almost every wall is decorated, and there are cool bars, artisanal markets, festivals and Art Walks.

Ocean Drive

Photos of Miami - Ocean Drive

South Beach is famous for its Art Deco look, seen in all the hotels and bars along Ocean Drive. This is a fascinating walk, seeing not just the buildings, but some of the entertainment going on inside!


Photos of Miami - Gator in the Everglades

Far away from the glitz and glam of South Beach lies the Everglades National Park. Boat tours run to see Alligators in the wild just on the fringes, something that is forbidden in the actual park itself. These guys are about four months old, and being kept a very close eye on by their ‘momma gator’. We had a great day out on an airboat meeting the gators.

History Miami

Photos of Miami - Old Cable Car

History Miami is a must-see museum. It details the history of the South Florida region, and how Miami came to be; turning from a handful of houses in Coconut Grove to a world-famous holiday resort.

Have you been to the Magic City? What did you get up to? Which of the above photos of Miami is your favourite?

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