Coffee Shops of Santa Cruz – The Main Attraction

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is not the richest town in terms of sightseeing options. As indicated by the Lonely Planet Guide to Bolivia, you’ll probably spend most of your time there, strolling around and sipping coffee in one of the many coffee shops of Santa Cruz.

So we thought we would give you a brief run down of some the establishments you will likely frequent on your visit:

1. Starbucks

Okay so its not the most original or authentic (or the best) of the coffee shops of Santa Cruz, but it’s the most recognisable so we thought we would start with it. This is a fairly standard Starbucks so you know what your getting and there is free WiFi (although we can’t comment on the actual internet speed).

coffee shops of Santa Cruz - Starbucks

2. Coffee Town

Coffee town is great little place to hang out and enjoy great coffee, lovely food and delicious freshly made juices. Its a specialist coffee barista so you can choose from various coffee beans and different methods of brewing. They prepare the juices whilst you wait using fresh ingredients and the air conditioning is nice when you arrive hot and sweaty from traipsing around in the sun. If you are looking for somewhere to relax and have a coffee this is definitely worth checking out.

coffee shops of Santa Cruz - Coffee Town

3. Alexander

Alexander coffee house is reputed to be the best coffee shop in Santa Cruz by the lonely planet and trip advisor. I’m not they serve the best coffee, but it is cheap at just Bs2 for a large Americano served in a big ol’ mug. The breakfast however is definitely worth going for! You can eat pancakes with fruit or syrup, omelettes, oatmeal with fresh fruit and there are plenty of other choices at low prices. If you’re craving sweet things there are also cakes and pastries in the cabinets to enjoy. The free WiFi is also a bonus for any traveller.

coffee shops of Santa Cruz - Alexander

4. Panificacion del Oriente

This French style bakery-come-coffee shop is a bit of a strange one. Its appearance is of French elegance but the coffee service is more cheap canteen. The locals seem to use it more as a walk in for freshly baked bread and pastries rather than a sit down coffee shop, and I can see why. The coffee was served in disposable polystyrene cups with plastic stirrers and milk/sugar pots. Come for the cakes, don’t stay form the coffee!

coffee shops of Santa Cruz - panificacion del oriente

5. Cafe Vainilla

If you’re looking for a fairly simple cafe, with no quirks and yummy milkshakes Cafe Vainilla is for you. It has another location in La Paz;

coffee shops of Santa Cruz - vainilla

Have you ever visited Santa Cruz? Did you find anything else to do, other than visit the coffee shops of Santa Cruz? Let us know in the comment below!

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