Photo Friday: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

The highlight of any trip to South America is one of many variations on the Uyuni Salt Flats Tour, because it’s amazing! These trips run for between 2 and 5 days, visiting a variety of attractions as well as the famous Uyuni Salt Flats; which are amazing for perspective photos.


Every year, when the wet season ends, the water evaporates away from the ground. Stretching as far as the eye can see, the Uyuni Salt Flats are renewed into a perfect sea of white hexagons, . Thousands of tourists view these salt flats every year, and they are just spectacular!

the uyuni salt flats

Uyuni Salt Flats - The Slat Flats at sunrise

This is what all the fuss is about. The vast majority of people on a tour are brought to the salt flats early in the morning, so they can watch the sunrise. Sadly, the clouds obscured our view, but watching the dawn break, and feeling like you are the only people in the whole world is a feeling like no other.

amazing scenery

Uyuni Salt Flats - Laguna Verde

Other attractions include a whole bunch of lagoons and these are coloured by different minerals. Laguna Verde is turned green, mainly by arsenic. We asked our tour guide if we could swim in it, to which he replied ‘Yes. But only once’.


Uyuni Salt Flats - geysers

At nearly 5000m, the geysers were the highest attraction on our tour. Despite getting up to nearly 200 degrees Celsius, there are no barriers around them or the craters of bubbling, boiling mud. We were just casually advised not to fall in.


Uyuni Salt Flats - Flamingos

Another coloured lake is called Laguna Colorada. The water is full of pink algae hence the vibrant colour of the water. There are thousands of flamingos here who eat the algae for up to ten hours a day, giving them their distinctive colour. too


Uyuni salt flats - Llamas

You cannot do anything in Bolivia without bumping into a llama or two, and this tour was no exception. This is a llama nursery and the coloured flags in their ears show who each llama belongs to.

Have you heard of the Salt Flats before? If so, have you ever visited? Let us know what you thought  in the comments below.

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