Photo Friday: The Dinos of Sucre

dinosaurs of sucre

Sucre is a city in Bolivia. Due to its lovely colonial buildings it has been nicknamed the White City. It’s also great place to start acclimatising to altitude at 2,800m; and the sheer amount of Westernised cafes, hostels and bars have ensured it’s firmly on the tourist route. One other great things about it are the dinosaurs of Sucre and that was this #PhotoFriday focuses on.

dinosaurs of sucre - title

The biggest tourist attraction in Sucre is a set of dinosaur tracks, that were discovered in a cliff face. A small theme park, El Parque Cretacico, has been developed and is located just 5km outside the city centre.

dinosaurs of sucre - footprints

The dinosaurs of Sucre have been fully embraced by the city, and a random assortment of related Whatnots have popped up around town.

dino park

dinosaurs of sucre - parque cretacico

The tracks are the main attraction at Parque Cretácio, which also has life size replicas of the species that made the footprints, and a tiny museum.

dino playground

dinosaurs of sucre - dino playground

The Children’s Playground is another home to the dinosaurs of Sucre. It is completely dinosaur themed, with this huge tyrannosaurus slide a big draw for kids of all ages.

dino chocolate

dinosaurs of sucre - dino chocolate

A shop called Para Ti was one of our other favourite things about Sucre. It is a chocolaterie that does amazing hot chocolate in addition to it’s vast array of chocolate. However, even here wasn’t safe from the dinosaurs of Sucre, because you can get dinosaur shaped quinoa chocolate!

dino benches

dinosaurs of sucre - dino bench

It’s is a great city for a romantic getaway. Even the dinosaurs of Sucre are it. The benches outside the football stadium are adorned with cute little dinos and as the benches are back to back so it looks like they are kissing! Awww!

Dino Phones

dinosaurs of sucre - dino phone

Finally, all over the country phones are housed in random creatures. Depending on what the area is known for determines what creature. Sucre, obviously, has dinosaur phone booths like this one.

Would you like to live in a place surrounded by dinosaurs? What shape would the phone booths in your town take? Get in touch using the comments below.

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