Photo Friday: The Pantanal

It’s time for another edition of #PhotoFriday! This time we’re bringing you memories and some of our favourite Pantanal photos.

The Pantanal is a wildlife rich wetland that is flooded for the majority of every year. People come here from all over the world to spot birds, caiman and big cats.


We visited The Pantanal from the South, the slightly cheaper but more touristy end. During the rainy season, the land floods, meaning most transport needs to happen by boat.

getting there

Pantanal Photos - the road in

This was the sole road we saw in the Pantanal, it went in a straight line for over 60km. The water you can see will be completely dried up by September.

friends on the road

Pantanal Photos - cows on the road

One day whilst we were heading out for an activity, we came across a herd of cows blocking the road. It was chaos! As the jeep slowly moved through the throng, the cows had to squeeze and side step against each other to avoid being clipped. Luckily everything was  fine and the cowboys who were moving them, could take them on to graze further down the road.


Pantanal Photos - caiman

Obviously the main attraction in the Pantanal is the wildlife. Unfortunately, most move pretty quickly, and my camera is just not built for this kind of photography. However I was able to catch this beautiful caiman as it prepared to go for a swim. I had to get quite close, but don’t worry they don’t eat people! (at least that’s what our guide told us).


Pantanal Photos - Armadillo

I was also super lucky to get a shot of this cute little fella. We came across quite a few armadillos and they all seemed to like posing!


Pantanal Photos - sunset

Something that we loved about the Pantanal was how peaceful it was. The kind of peaceful you feel when you watch the sunset over a river, with the sounds of the jungle around you. This is pretty much how we ended every evening (unless we were out on a night-time cayman hunt!)

Have you ever visited the Pantanal? Which part did you go to? What was your favourite part about your trip? Get in touch in the comments below.

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