TL;DR – March

travelling in march

Travelling in March has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions for us. From leaving the UK to standing at the top of Christ the Redeemer, to lying on beaches. Travelling in March has been everything we hoped it would be and more when we were planning our trip.

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on the blog

We’ve posted some (hopefully) amazing pictures from the multicultural Rio de Janeiro, the picturesque Ilha Grande and colourful Paraty as well as our first holiday as a married couple to Glasgow (PS Our anniversary is next week).

trsvelling in March - Rio

On top of that, you had a sneak peek into our luggage, came with us on our hike to Jesus, experienced our highlights in Rio and saw what we thought of both sides of Iguassu Falls.

what next?

Next month we are heading into Bolivia. We’ll be braving altitude, dust and scorching sun, while spotting llama, seeking out history and hopefully coping with the change from Portuguese to Spanish.

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