Photo Friday 19-2

We hopped over to Dublin to celebrate my birthday with one of our friends,  and his new girlfriend that no-one expected to really exist (they’ve since got married – shocking)!

Dublin 1

Johnnie Fox’s Pub is a traditional Irish Pub just a little way out from Dublin Centre and is famed for being the highest pub in Ireland. We had a brilliant night there with some great food, live music and even a magician!

Dublin 2

The Leprechaun Museum was great fun, but calling it a museum is making it seem much more educational than it is in reality. It’s mostly some folklore stories and this ‘Giant’s Lounge’ for mucking about taking photos.

Dublin 4

The LUAS is the tram system in Dublin, with only two lines. One runs East-West, the other North-South. We only found we needed to use it once while we were there, but it runs right through the City Centre, so it’s hard to miss. We still affectionately refer to as the Lucas, due to me binge watching all nine seasons of One Tree Hill at the time.

Dublin 3

We waited for ages to get into Kilmainham Gaol, which was used as a prison for just over 100 years and is now a museum that principally documents prisoners held here that were involved in the Easter Rising in 1916.

Dublin 5

A trip to Dublin is not complete until you visit the home of Guinness. These tiny pints are in the ‘Tasting Rooms’ where everything, down to the air pressure, is designed to make the Guinness taste better than anywhere else.

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